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In case you didn't know, I'm in the multi-year-long process of posting a Christian devotional at the TAWG Blog. The TAWG Blog is, and always will be, mostly apolitical. For the most part, Bible-believing Christians will find little to disagree with there. But I also firmly believe that God's word can--and should--inform everything in life, and this should include politics and popular culture. How should we vote? How should we respond to hot topics such as abortion, capital punishment, taxes, and other issues? Which party, if either, is closer to the Biblical ideal? Tony Campolo and Ron Sider, Evangelicals whose political leanings are on the Left, have made the case in several of their writings that God wants his followers to vote politically on the Left more than on the Right. At times, some of them have gone so far as to equate voting on the Left with obedience to Christ, either subtly or not-so-subtly contending that the converse is true as well: If you vote Republican, you're sinning against the Savior.
I don't agree. I think that to the degree they actually resort to the Bible, they're misinterpreting it. With a whole bunch of caveats, I think politically conservative positions are a lot more compatible with the Scriptures than the Leftist positions.
Just to clarify, I would never accuse people who disagree with me--especially siblings in Christ--of what they accuse me of. I don't judge my own heart, much less anyone else's, and I don't equate political disagreement with theological fidelity to God. I have no reason to doubt their love for the Lord and "for the least of these," but I believe that they're sincerely wrong.
So there are two main purposes for this blog. One is to make a case for my political beliefs based on Scripture. The other is a bit more vague, basically to work out my political beliefs and figure out what's based on Scripture and what's based on my own biases. I certainly don't have all the answers. Some of this stuff I'm still figuring out. And I'm certainly open to correction. As long as you make your case civilly and based on Scripture, feel free to make a comment, and I promise I'll post it and consider your arguments thoughtfully and prayerfully. Who knows? Maybe we'll learn a little something from each other.
May God bless our common striving together towards both the "little t" truth and "Big T" Truth. Our watchword here is a line from C. S. Lewis's The Last Battle: "Further up and further in!"

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wow, 25 years. . .

            It was 25 years ago today that protests in China came to a bloody end. What came to be known as the “Tiananmen Square protests of 1989” started in April when Communist Party General Secretary, Hu Yaobang died. He was a liberal reformer, and his passing sparked demonstrations and protests. At the height of the protests, about a million people assembled in the Square. They requested government accountability, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the restoration of workers' control over industry
            The government tried a conciliatory stance at first, and protests spread to 400 cities by mid-May. But the government, led by Deng Xiaoping, got tired of talking and decided to use brutal force, sending in tanks and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army. Of course, we don’t know exactly how many people were murdered by their own government, either in the actual fighting or later by being “disappeared,” but estimates range from a few hundred to several thousand. June 4th was the official, bloody, end.
            Now, today, students are held in ignorance. According to the latest issue of National Review*, in history class, they might—might—be told about that 1989 affair,” or “the event that happened in the late ’80s of last century.” Many if not most students are never told any details about it at all, assuming their teachers even mention it. Every year, there are a few handful of protests in commemoration, but those protestors are quietly and immediately arrested, thus silenced. Every year, the numbers of those who participated in 1989 become fewer, and they’re understandably reluctant to share their stories with anyone.
            But I couldn’t let this anniversary pass by without comment. To anyone who’ll has access to this and who’ll listen, I’ll proclaim this from this blog, adding my voice to a lot of other (much braver) ones:

This is not forgotten. The Chinese government desperately wants to pretend this never happened, and they’ll take any necessary measures to silence those who’d call us to remembrance, but what happened is not forgotten. The entire world might forget, but there is One who never will. He sees all. He knows all. He remembers all. The dissident who’s languishing in a prison cell, awaiting a final bullet, is known by him. . .by name. Each and every one. One day the books will be opened, and each one not covered by the blood of Christ will get exactly what he or she deserves.

To all my Chinese siblings in Christ, I want to let you know something as well. The One who notices when a sparrow falls sees what you’re going through. And one day, he will make all things right. You’re not forgotten by your Father, and you’re not forgotten by me. Just wanted you to know.

*Unfortunately, at this date the article isn’t available for free to the public, so I can't provide a link for it. 

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